The Alabama Counts! 2020 Census Committee held a pep-rally-style meeting at the Capitol today to introduce and launch the Alabama 2020 Census campaign to encourage maximum participation among Alabamians in the upcoming count. Alabama Counts Chairman Kenneth Boswell likened the rally to the start of a race at the Talladega Superspeedway with the organizations present like cars revved up and ready to go at the starting line to a successful census.

Governor Kay Ivey welcomed the 150+ attendees and reminded everyone of the stakes for 2020 – including $13 billion in federal funding, economic development and job opportunities and Congressional representation. The attendees were members of Alabama Counts subcommittees, state agencies or grant recipient agencies.

Boswell gave an update on progress since the release of the action plan in August, including the Census Grant Program. Representatives from Big Communications gave an overview of the Alabama 2020 Census paid campaign as well as a variety of resources that can be downloaded and used by any individual or organization wishing to help get the word out about the 2020 Census. Some of the resources are available for download and use now at Many more will be made available in February.

Carletta Singleton, Partnership Coordinator for the U.S. Census Bureau in Alabama, gave an update from the Census Bureau and mentioned that they are still hiring temporary workers to help with the 2020 Census in Alabama. To apply, go to

The 2020 Census will begin on March 12 when each household address receives a notification in the mail that it is time to complete the census. The form is 10 easy questions and will take about six minutes to complete. Alabamians may complete the form online, by phone or by traditional paper form.

Click here for a PDF copy of the presentation from the meeting.

More photos from the meeting are available here: